DIY Physiotherapy in person or via telehealth

Longer consultations + Individual attention = Less treatment + LASTING results

DiY is individual 1:1 treatment for Chronic, Complex and Recurrent Back and Neck pain and Sports Injuries from a very experienced Physiotherapist delivered either in a bespoke clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, or Nationally via Telehealth. Every initial consultation is for a minimum of 1-hour and in every consultation your therapist is 100% focussed on you for 100% of the time.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Effective treatment and rehabilitation for those with long term back or neck pain. We have decades of experience in successful treatment.

Complex Back and Neck Pain

Some back and neck problems have multiple causes and appear to be resistant to treatment. These require more thought and more experience to achieve a successful resolution.

Recurrent Back and Neck Pain

When pain keeps coming back there is a reason. Let's identify the cause and prevent re-occurence.

Less Treatment and Lasting Results

Treatment for Chronic, Complex, and Recurrent back and neck pain often fails – that is how it becomes chronic or recurrent! It takes many years of working with thousands of individuals to understand just what is needed for each unique case. What is absolutely certain is that what you (the pain sufferer) do to rehabilitate yourself is much more important than what any therapist does to you. Let’s see exactly what the cause of your problem is and what will work for you.


Sports Injury

Sports injury is a catch-all term that covers most muscular and joint injuries occurring in otherwise healthy individuals. These injuries most commonly occur due to a known episode, a known force, or a repeated minor force. Eg the ankle sprain, the knee cartilage tear, the rotator cuff injury of the shoulder, the pulled hamstring, etc. To read more click here

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Meet Brendan

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Since 1990 I have set up and run some of the largest and most innovative clinics in Australia. In every case these clinics were based on getting better results for each client by having the therapist spend more time with each individual. This is the exact opposite philosophy of many therapy clinics where the ‘business model’ is to limit the time that the senior therapist spends with each person. At DiY Physio all initial consultations are scheduled for at least 1-hour of one-to-one attention. Subsequent sessions may be of 45 minutes or 1-hour duration. Your therapist will never be seeing anyone else at the same time as seeing you.

In the last 30 years I have trained and mentored over 200 Doctors, Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Acupucturists, Exercise Physiologists, Naturopaths and other ancillary staff. Now I have chosen to get back to where it all started – which means back to individual one-to-one sessions with me personally, longer consultation times, in a boutique setting, and with a particular interest in complex conditions of the back and neck. To read more click here

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Telehealth in Physiotherapy can work very well. The one negative is that hands-on manual therapy can’t be used – However one of the big positives is that hands-on manual therapy can’t be used!! –

Let me explain …

Let’s say you come to see me at the clinic. I carry out a manipulation and your pain improves. The obvious conclusion is that you need to continue to come and see me in order to manage your pain. Alternatively let’s say I consult you via Telehealth. I prescribe a very specific exercise and your pain improves. The obvious conclusion is that you can largely treat yourself.

The first example tends to make you reliant on the therapist. The second example makes you self-reliant and independent of a therapist. In my opinion, for chronic, complex, and recurrent conditions, the second outcome is probably the better one. To read more click here

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Chronic back/neck pain

My typical client still has pain despite numerous treatments from any number of therapists. Chronic pain requires a holistic view and the experience that comes from dealing with thousands of complex cases.


A service across Australia that you don't need to leave home for. You can access years of expertise from anywhere in Australia. Many physical conditions can be successfully treated by telehealth. Let's have a talk and see if telehealth will work for you.

Sports Injuries

After working with everyone from elite, international level athletes to weekend warriors, you will receive professional acute care and a rehabilitation process that matches your competitive level and motivation.

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