How DiY Telehealth Service works

DiY Telehealth operates on TIME and HONESTY.

TIME: Every persons history is different – everyone’s injury has a unique story, everyone has unique anatomy and everyone comes with a different level of resilience and inner resolve. So it is vital that the first consultation allows sufficient time for a full history to be taken. In Telehealth this is more important than ever – which is why every initial Telehealth appointment is scheduled for an hour and there is a further 15 minutes buffer factored in – so that if needed the appointment can run for up to 75 minutes.

HONESTY: At the end of the first consultation you will get an honest appraisal of the possible outcomes – These outcomes usually fall into one of 3 categories:

  • 1. Suitable: It is very likely that your condition will respond well to Telehealth Physiotherapy
  • 2. Unsuitable: It is unlikely that your condition will respond well to Telehealth Physiotherapy treatment. In which case we will advise another path.
  • 3. Maybe: It is likely that your condition will respond well – but it may take a couple of sessions to confirm how your symptoms respond.

What happens in a Telehealth video consultation?

As well as taking a detailed history, other things to be considered are:

  • 1. Movement
  • 2. Posture
  • 3. Pain distribution
  • 4. Pain behaviour
  • 5. Any specific concerns that you have

As a result of the initial video consultation an initial plan will be agreed upon. This might include:

  • Specific exercises to help correct the problem
  • Activities to avoid
  • Equipment that might help you
  • An estimated time frame for the resolution of the problem
  • Any special tests that might be needed – eg x-rays or scans
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The History of DiY Telehealth Physio

“Recovery isn’t just about physical restoration. It’s also about being inspired and motivated” – Jennifer Mulder

Before the days of zoom and virtual consultations. Even before the days of household internet. I was already providing remote Physio by telephone in the early 1990s.

It first happened when a client of mine who hurt their back whilst travelling overseas called the clinic to ask advice. I discovered that I could effectively help that client whilst I was in the clinic in Sydney and they were in their hotel room in Singapore.

With nothing to help them other than a mirror, a couple of pillows and a towel we were able to reduce the symptoms so they could get on a plane back to Sydney. Ever since I have been providing remote treatment to Australians no matter if they are in the outback, overseas or for any other reason they can’t get to the clinic in person.

Of course the technology that is available now for telehealth makes it much easier for everyone to get good remote treatment. These days I use a specific Telehealth video portal that allows me to see exactly what the problems are and to provide high quality self-treatment solutions.

I allow up to 75 minutes for each initial Telehealth appointment so that there is plenty of time for a full history, a full movement examination, an initial diagnosis and an initial DiY treatment plan.

Make an appointment, let’s meet online and let’s talk about what you need.