Sports Injury

“Good health is like money. We never have a true idea of its value until we have lost it” – Josh Billings

Sports injury is a catch-all term that covers most muscular and joint injuries that occur in otherwise healthy individuals. These injuries most commonly occur due to a known episode, force or repeated force. Eg the ankle sprain, the knee cartilage tear, the rotator cuff injury of the shoulder, the pulled hamstring etc.


From an initial assessment and treatment perspective it doesn’t much matter if the injury came from slipping on the stairs at home after a couple of drinks on a Friday night or from training for the Olympics. Where the athletic level does matter is in the speed of recovery required and the intensity and duration of rehabilitation needed.


Having worked successfully with elite athletes, dangerous Dads, masochistic Mums and every standard of sporting child and adolescent – you are in good hands.


Maybe the easiest way to give you confidence is to list the sports teams and organisations that I have worked with over the years as a Physio and as a coach. These include:

  • Randwick Rugby
  • St George FC, Apia Leichardt FC, Easts FC, Inter Lions FC, Pagewood Botany FC
  • Randwick Netball Association
  • East Sydney AFL
  • Moore Park Rugby League