DIY Physiotherapy in person or via telehealth

Longer consultations+ Individual attention = Less treatment + LASTING RESULTS

DiY is individual 1:1 treatment for Chronic/Complex/Recurrent Back and Neck pain and Sports Injuries from a very experienced Physiotherapist. Delivered either in a bespoke clinic in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, or Nationally via Telehealth. Every initial consultation is for a minimum of 1-hour.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Effective treatment and rehabilitation for those with long term back or neck pain. We have decades of experience in successful treatment.

Complex Back and Neck Pain

Some back and neck problems have multiple causes and appear to be resistant to treatment. These require more thought and more experience to achieve a successful resolution

Recurrent Back and Neck Pain

When pain keeps coming back there is a reason. Let's help you find what the cause is. If we can resolve the underlying cause you will get long lasting relief.

Our Services

Chronic back/neck pain

My typical client still has pain despite numerous treatments from a number of therapists. Chronic pain requires a holistic view and the real experience that comes from dealing with thousands of complex cases.

Sports Injuries

After working with everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors, you will receive professional acute care and a rehabilitation process that matches your level, motivation, and lifestyle.


A service across Australia that you don't need to leave home for. You can access years of expertise from anywhere in Australia. Many physical conditions can be successfully treated by telehealth.